Solotech services upstream production, midstream pipeline, downstream petroleum refining, storage terminals, power plants, chemical industries and government projects. We offer in-house design, engineering, fabrication, and erection work for single or complex projects in terminal facilities. Fabrication work takes place at our 5 plots Workshop/yard and headquarters strategically located in Igbo-etche. Solotech’s customers are confident hiring our services thanks to our highly competent in-house engineering, comprehensively trained supervisors and skilled craftsmen..

All this combined with our vast experience and dedicated management enables us to accomplish our corporate and government clients goals. Solotech maintains fully staffed construction management and field service departments, along with post-job service and advice to ensure continued satisfaction with our services. At every stage of their project, from concept to commissioning, all of our clients find a highly qualified and reliable partner in Solotech’s team.


Solotech Control Services Ltd, is a leading contractor in tank engineering, fabrication, construction, modification, maintenance, and repair as well as relocation of aboveground storage tanks and specialty vessels. Our capabilities cover a full spectrum of services associated with the atmospheric and pressurized tanks for liquid, gas and bulk storage, and turnkey terminals.

Meeting today’s storage challenges has always been one of the Solotech’s strengths. We serve our customers Niger Delta and Nigeria with fast delivery of efficient storage solutions. Solotech’s crews respond rapidly and efficiently to meet the demands of even the most complex projects We routinely employ discovery methods that decrease costs on materials to meet the budget requirements without ever compromising safety or quality. Our professional staff has proven expertise in all areas of the tank and specialty vessel installations and modifications. Over the years many pioneering features have been developed by our in-house team and successfully incorporated into existing projects. Solotech brings you the highest standard of quality, service, and expertise. Our exceptional combination of capability and flexibility allows us to solve any of the challenges of your storage and vessel projects, from early concept through the entire design-build process.

We maintain high level of professionalism in every service we deliver, providing real value to our clients.